About Us

Muscat Food Market is our effort online to connect with customers wanting to order Fresh produce in Muscat region.

We will hand select, pack each item and deliver with care as practiced by experts in Food Service Distribution Market.

Our team is pleasant and open to understand your requirements and cater support to ensure you are satisfied and consider us as preferred Fresh deliveries.

We understand the importance of price, produce freshness and caring service. These factors will be kept in mind throughout our efforts and interactions among customers, employees, and supply chain partners.

The fresh produce offered are sourced from neighboring local region or imported directly by us, some produce are  procured from other importers to ensure a continuous availability of majority of the items and also have a varied selection to suit the desires of our customers.

All payment transactions will be done electronically through approved and secure methods to protect and secure all information.

We will continue to improve and innovate us in order to give you maximum return of value possible for the time and money spend with us.

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